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Aims and scope

Aims and scope

Microorganisms can be found across all environments on Earth; adapting to external changes, being central to Earth’s systems and cycles, an essential part of agricultural practices, and - through applied microbiology - providing solutions to our everyday needs. 
Environmental Microbiome acknowledges this universal presence and importance and is seeking submissions addressing the varied facets of environmental and applied microbiological research. These studies include (but are not limited to) aspects of:

  • air, soil and aquatic microbial ecology,
  • microbiome analyses
  • bioremediation
  • microbiome of the built environment
  • geomicrobiology
  • microbial interaction with plants and agricultural crops
  • extreme environment microbiology and astrobiology.

Genome sequences can be submitted if they are a fully integrated aspect of a research article which elucidates the function and role of the microorganisms in their environmental communities.