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Table 1. Schedule Day 1 of the COMBINE 2013 meeting

From: Meeting report from the fourth meeting of the Computational Modeling in Biology Network (COMBINE)

Session 1 Chair: Andrei Zinovyev
Michael Hucka, Caltech Recent developments in the world of SBML (the Systems Biology Markup Language)
Frank T. Bergmann, Heidelberg University Applying the Scientific Method to Simulation Experiments: SED-ML
Vincent Danos, CNRS, University Paris-Diderot, University of Edinburgh Rule-based approaches to modeling
Denis Thieffry, École Normale Supérieure Logical modeling of cell fate specification
Session 2 Chair: Emmanuel Barillot
Marco Antoniotti, BIMIB Modeling Colonic Crypts with VCell and SBML/Spatial
Hiroaki Kitano, SBI, OIST Garuda Platform: An integrated inter-operability for biomedical software and data resources
Andrew Davison, CNRS Interoperability and model sharing in large-scale neuronal network modeling and neuromorphic computing
Marc Lavielle, INRIA, University Paris-Sud Monolix and other new tools for population pharmacometrics
Session 3 Chair: Eric Bonnet
Hervé Turlier, Institut Curie A model for furrow constriction in animal cell cytokinesis
Benjamin Ribba, INRIA Modeling of efficacy data in clinical oncology
Andrei Zinovyev, Institut Curie Mathematical modeling of cancer-related molecular mechanisms
Dirk Drasdo, INRIA, University of Leipzig Agent-based models of tissue organization - concepts and components