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Table 2. Compatibility of Burkholderia sp. WSM2232 with nine legume species for nodulation (Nod) and N2-Fixation (Fix).

From: Genome sequence of the acid-tolerant Burkholderia sp. strain WSM2232 from Karijini National Park, Australia

Species Name Common Name Growth Type Nod Fix Reference
Gastrolobium capitatum a Bitter Pea Perennial +1 +1 IDAc
Gastrolobium capitatum b Bitter Pea Perennial IDA
Kennedia coccinea Coral Vine Perennial IDA
Swainsona formosa Sturts Desert Pea Annual IDA
Indigofera trita Annual IDA
Oxylobium robustum Shaggy Pea Perennial IDA
Acacia acuminata Jam Wattle Perennial IDA
Acacia paraneura Weeping Mulga Perennial IDA
Acacia stenophylla Perennial IDA
Mimosa pudica Sensitive Plant Perennial IDA
  1. aresult obtained from trapping experiment b authentication result following long-term storage. cEvidence codes - IDA: Inferred from Direct Assay from of the Gene Ontology project [28].