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Table 2. Genome sequencing project information

From: Genome sequence of Phaeobacter inhibens type strain (T5T), a secondary metabolite producing representative of the marine Roseobacter clade, and emendation of the species description of Phaeobacter inhibens

MIGS ID Property Term
MIGS-31 Finishing quality Permanent draft
MIGS-28 Libraries used Two Illumina paired-end libraries (225 bp and 9kb insert size)
MIGS-29 Sequencing platforms Illumina GAii, PacBio
MIGS-31.2 Sequencing coverage 1,111 × Illumina
MIGS-30 Assemblers Allpaths, Velvet 1.1.05, phrap version SPS - 4.24
MIGS-32 Gene calling method Prodigal 1.4, GenePRIMP
  INSDC ID AXBB00000000
  GenBank Date of Release September 30, 2013
  GOLD ID Gi10860
  NCBI project ID 88111
  Database: IMG-GEBA 2516653078
MIGS-13 Source material identifier DSM 16374
  Project relevance Tree of Life, carbon cycle, sulfur cycle, environmental