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Figure 6.

From: Genome sequence of the thermophilic fresh-water bacterium Spirochaeta caldaria type strain (H1T), reclassification of Spirochaeta caldaria, Spirochaeta stenostrepta and Spirochaeta zuelzerae in the genus Treponema as Treponema caldaria comb. nov., Treponema stenostrepta comb. nov., and Treponema zuelzerae comb. nov., and emendation of the genus Treponema

Figure 6.

Phylogenetic tree inferred from completely sequenced genomes of the Spirochaeta type strains. The tree was inferred from 11,131 gene-content characters under the maximum likelihood (ML) criterion and rooted with Leptospira. The branches are scaled in terms of the expected number of substitutions per site. Numbers above the branches are bootstrapping support values (if larger than 60%) from (i) maximum-likelihood gene-content analysis; (ii) maximum-parsimony gene-content analysis; (iii) maximum-likelihood supermatrix analysis; (iv) maximum-parsimony supermatrix analysis. For further details see [19].

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