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Table 5. Result (p-values) from the test of individual links with ParaFit

From: Complete genome sequence of the termite hindgut bacterium Spirochaeta coccoides type strain (SPN1T), reclassification in the genus Sphaerochaeta as Sphaerochaeta coccoides comb. nov. and emendations of the family Spirochaetaceae and the genus Sphaerochaeta

Species p-value, constraint 1 p-value, constraint 2
Spirochaeta aurantia (M57740) 0.2882 0.0038
Sphaerochaeta globosa (AF357916) 0.2844 0.0230
Sphaerochaeta pleomorpha (AF357917) 0.2754 0.0201
Spirochaeta cellobiosiphila (EU448140) 0.2076 0.0080
Spirochaeta americana (AF373921) 0.2001 0.0149
Spirochaeta alkalica (X93927) 0.1905 0.0145
Spirochaeta asiatica (X93926) 0.1830 0.0280
Spirochaeta halophila (M88722) 0.1806 0.0124
Spirochaeta bajacaliforniensis (AJ698859) 0.1765 0.0490
Spirochaeta dissipatitropha (AY995150) 0.1749 0.0278
Spirochaeta africana (X93928) 0.1656 0.0241
Spirochaeta isovalerica (M88720) 0.1654 0.0039
Spirochaeta smaragdinae (U80597) 0.1592 0.0454
Spirochaeta thermophila (FR749903) 0.1384 0.0539
Spirochaeta litoralis (FR733665) 0.1327 0.0025
Spirochaeta coccoides (IMG2503956950) 0.0863 0.0217
Spirochaeta perfilievii (AY337318) 0.0716 0.0010
  1. Result (p-values) from the test of individual links with ParaFit for the species with an insignificant result (α = 0.05) in the first approach. The comparison was done between an unconstrained ML tree and the first, genus-based constraint (second column) or the second constraint, based on a revised classification of the group (third column). Note that with a single exception the phylogenetic conflict was resolved by assigning S. coccoides to Sphaerochaeta [4] and three other Spirochaeta species to Treponema [46].