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Figure 2.

From: Complete genome sequence of Parvibaculum lavamentivorans type strain (DS-1T)

Figure 2.

Phylogenetic tree of 16S rRNA gene sequences showing the position of P. lavamentivorans DS-1T relative to other type strains within the families Rhodobiaceae, Phyllobacteriaceae and other families in the order Rhizobiales (see the text). Strains within the Rhodobiaceae and Phyllobacteriaceae shown in bold have genome projects underway or completed. The corresponding 16S rRNA gene accession numbers (or draft genome sequence identifiers) are indicated. The sequences were aligned using the GreenGenes NAST alignment tool [37]; neighbor-joining tree building and visualization involved the CLUSTAL and DENDROSCOPE software [38]. Caulobacterales sequences were used as outgroup. Bootstrap values >30 % are indicated; bar, 0.01 substitutions per nucleotide position.

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