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Table 2. Summary of structured evidence for INSDC feature annotation1

From: Solving the Problem: Genome Annotation Standards before the Data Deluge

Allowed tokens
Token “/experiment” qualifier2 “/inference” qualifier3 Comment
Free text Yes No free text describing the experiment
Non experimental structured format No Yes structured format of TYPE + EVIDENCE_BASIS (type includes “non experimental”, “similar to”, “profile”, or “alignment”, evidence basis can include algorithm with version, or database with accession.version)
coordinates Yes Yes support for annotated coordinates
description Yes Yes support for description including function
existence Yes Yes support for existence of feature in this organism
PMID or DOI Yes No publication describing experimental evidence
  1. 1. Changes proposed and accepted by INSDC to the /experiment and /inference qualifiers. The new tokens (bolded) are optional for both qualifiers.
  2. 2. A brief description of the nature of the experimental evidence that supports the feature identification or assignment.
  3. 3. A structured description of non-experimental evidence inferring and supporting feature identification or assignment.