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Table 4. Study Subjects (Group Characteristics)

From: Minimal Information for Neural Electromagnetic Ontologies (MINEMO): A standards-compliant method for analysis and integration of event-related potentials (ERP) data

Term URI (NEMO) Definition
Subject Group ID NEMO_2014000 Subject group identifier
Diagnostic Classification NEMO_5159000 Default classification is “normal”
Genus NEMO_5621000 Default category is “homo”
Species NEMO_3454000 Default category is “sapiens”
Age (average) NEMO_2506000 Average age (in years) of study group
Gender (count) NEMO_6503000 Number of male, female subjects
Handedness (count) NEMO_7467000 Number of RH, LH subjects
Native language (modal) NEMO_5035000 Native language(s) spoken by subjects