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Table 2 Twenty most abundant genera in the barley seed microbiome of the barley 7’set

From: The treasure inside barley seeds: microbial diversity and plant beneficial bacteria

Phylum/class Family Genus Golden Promise Morex HOR7985 BCC1415 BCC436 BCC768 BCC1589
Gammaproteobacteria Enterobacteriaceae Uncl. Enterobacteriaceae 18.39b 50.62ab 22.54b 21.26b 45.55ab 36.73ab 57.20a
Actinobacteria Microbacteriaceae Curtobacterium* 6.29a 14.14a 9.84a 10.90a 12.71a 5.80a 9.72a
Firmicutes Paenibacillaceae Paenibacillus* 21.65a 8.59a 1.69a 0.00a 4.02a 3.96a 14.25a
Gammaproteobacteria Enterobacteriaceae Pantoea* 4.49a 8.12a 2.82a 5.84a 7.76a 5.83a 10.58a
Actinobacteria Microbacteriaceae Uncl. Microbacteriaceae* 9.20b 4.93b 5.44b 23.61a 4.51b 2.84b 0.44b
Firmicutes Paenibacillaceae Saccharibacillus* 1.54a 0.46a 3.78a 7.43a 4.41a 10.33a 1.25a
Actinobacteria Sanguibacteraceae Sanguibacter* 2.11b 2.65b 13.14a 2.06b 1.71b 4.35b 0.31b
Gammaproteobacteria Pseudomonadaceae Pseudomonas 2.47a 1.69a 4.40a 3.39a 6.80a 1.25a 4.17a
Firmicutes Bacillaceae Bacillus 0.48a 0.00a 1.28a 3.48a 0.01a 13.07a 0.00a
Alphaproteobacteria Rhizobiaceae Rhizobium 6.54a 0.72b 6.98a 0.00b 0.37b 2.12b 0.16b
Actinobacteria Sanguibacteraceae Uncl. Sanguibacteraceae 0.94b 1.07b 5.96a 1.41b 1.06b 1.49b 0.26b
Firmicutes Family XII Exiguobacterium 0.00a 0.00a 0.37a 0.00a 7.51a 2.88a 0.00a
Gammaproteobacteria Xanthomonadaceae Stenotrophomonas* 1.88ab 0.30b 5.01a 0.49ab 0.14b 2.45ab 0.26b
Alphaproteobacteria Sphingomonadaceae Sphingomonas 2.79a 0.73ab 1.51ab 1.46ab 0.35ab 0.79ab 0.00b
Betaproteobacteria Burkholderiaceae Uncl. Burkholderiaceae 3.69a 0.35b 2.22ab 0.20b 0.34b 0.62b 0.04b
Actinobacteria Microbacteriaceae Pseudoclavibacter 0.76b 0.00b 0.17b 7.25a 0.00b 0.00b 0.00b
Actinobacteria Nocardiaceae Rhodococcus 1.90a 0.83a 1.13a 2.40a 0.33a 0.28a 0.08a
Actinobacteria Microbacteriaceae Plantibacter 3.09a 1.27a 0.41a 1.19a 0.08a 0.25a 0.13a
Bacteroidetes Weeksellaceae Chryseobacterium 2.12a 0.13b 1.50ab 0.00b 0.89ab 0.50ab 0.00b
Bacteroidetes Sphingobacteriaceae Pedobacter 1.64ab 0.23bc 1.69a 0.00bc 0.13bc 0.48abc 0.00c
  1. Letters indicate significant differences (Tukey's test p ≤ 0.05). Stars indicate genera that were also isolated from seeds