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Table 1 Summary of presented research

From: Meeting report of the fourth annual Tri-Service Microbiome Consortium symposium

Organization Microbiome area Topic
DoD laboratories   
Air Force   
AFRL Health and performance Exploring changes in the host gut microbiota during a controlled human infection model for Campylobacter jejuni
AFRL Environmental Microbiomes of military aircraft and vehicles and their connection to biocorrosion and biodeterioration
USAFA Environmental Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS)-degrading microorganism mining
DEVCOM ARL Analysis and discovery Metagenomics and genome-scale metabolic modeling of microbes sampled from corroded Army equipment
DEVCOM SC Enabling technologies In vitro fermentation as a complement to human studies to explore gut microbial composition and metabolic capacity*
ERDC-CRREL Enabling technologies Growing the dark web: melanized fungal structures as a biological wire
ERDC-CRREL Environmental Determination of the ecological process structuring microbial communities during permafrost that using a phylogenetic null modeling approach
ERDC-CRREL Environmental DRTSPORE: a model that predicts soil activity across the landscape*
ERDC-CRREL Environmental Changes in permafrost microbial community composition after thaw*
ERDC-CRREL Environmental Cataloguing psychrophilic and psychrotolerant bacteria*
ERDC-CRREL Environmental UV-resistant psychrotolerant microorganisms: understanding the role of pigmentation for survival*
WRAIR Health and performance Longitudinal shift in fecal microbiota associated with acute and delayed effects of PTSD-eliciting stress model
WRAIR Health and performance Impact of radiation dose and temporal delay on host-biome relationships and fecal metagenomics*
NRL Analysis and discovery Multiomic analysis of the gut microbiome of US Navy divers
NRL Environmental Compositional variability and biodegradative potential of the plastisphere in aquatic environments*
Government laboratories   
LANL Enabling technologies Utilizing single cell genomics and gel microdroplets to advance public health, environmental impact, and security
MIT-LL Enabling technologies A generalizable method for engineering non-model microbes
USDA-ARS Enabling technologies The in vitro human gut microbiome system*
US EPA Environmental EPA activities related to indoor microbiome and human health*
VA-Rocky Mountain MIRECC Health and performance Evaluation of an immunomodulatory probiotic intervention for veterans with co-occurring mild TBI and PTSD: a pilot study*
Brigham and Women’s Hospital Health and performance Bone loss with aging is independent of age-related gut microbiome dysbiosis in mice
MIT Enabling technologies Mining the chemical signals human-associated bacteria use to control their host$
UCSD Analysis and discovery Metabolomics tools to study the molecular impact of the microbiome$
UMASS-Amherst Environmental Soil microbial adaptation to chronic soil warming$
Weizmann Institute of Science Health and performance Host-microbiome interactions in health and disease$
DuPont Nutrition and Biosciences Analysis and discovery Comparative microbiome study in lean vs. obese population: discovery of novel probiotics for metabolic health
  1. *Lightning talk; $Keynote; AFRL Air Force Research Laboratory; ARL Army Research Laboratory; CFD Combat Feeding Directorate; CRREL Cold Regions Research and Engineering Laboratory; DEVCOM Combat Capabilities Development Command; DoD US Department of Defense; EPA Environmental Protection Agency; ERDC US Army Engineer Research and Development Center; LANL Los Alamos National Laboratory; LL Lincoln Laboratory; MIRECC Mental Illness Research Education and Clinical Center; MIT Massachusetts Institute of Technology; NRL Naval Research Laboratory; SC Soldier Center; UCSD University of California, San Diego; UMASS University of Massachusetts; USAFA US Air Force Academy; USDA-ARS US Department of Agriculture – Agricultural Research Service; VA Department of Veterans Affairs; WRAIR Walter Reed Army Institute of Research