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Table 2 Summarises metagenomic investigations of camel species including the host species, sequencing technology used, notable prokaryotic taxa detected and postulated roles in the microbiome for the listed taxa. Unless otherwise indicated Dromedary camels were sampled from hot environments, Bactrian from cold; for a indicated studies where no clear location is given for location animals were sampled from

From: A rather dry subject; investigating the study of arid-associated microbial communities

Sequencing method No. sampled organisms Host organism Prokaryotic taxa of interest Potential role of prokaryote(s) in microbiome Study
16S rRNA 3 Dromedarya Prevotella ruminicola Produce glycoside hydrolyse enzymes
Synergise with fibrolytic bacteria to improve fibre digestion
Gharechahi J. et. al. 2015 [195]
Ruminococcus flavefaciens High efficiency in degrading crystalline and amorphous cellulose
Fibrobacter succinogenes Prolific cellulose degrader
16S rRNA 18 Bactrian Blautia species May provide anti-inflammatory effects in young camels He J. et. al. 2019 [199]
Christensenellaceae members May help regulate intestinal environment
Linked to immunomodulation and healthy homeostasis
16S rRNA 11 Bactrian Unclassified Ruminococcaceae May contribute to further feed fermentation to cope with low quality forage He J. et. al. 2018 [197]
Unclassified Clostridiales
Akkermansia species May help prevent diabetes even with high blood glucose levels
May help prevent hypertension even with diet high in salt
Whole genome shotgun 3 Dromedarya Fibrobacter succinogenes Potential lignocellulose degrader Gharechahi J. et. al. 2018 [198]
Member of Ruminococcus Degrading crystalline cellulose
Members of Fibrobacteres Help deal with diet rich in lignocellulose
Members of Spirochaetes
Members of Bacteroidetes Utilise PUL enzymes to assimilate complex dietary carbohydrates
Whole genome shotgun 6 Dromedary Bacteroides thetaiotaomicron Production of starch degrading enzymes Bhatt V.D. et. al. 2013 [200]
16S rRNA 3 Muskox Members of Ruminococcaceae Help digest highly lignified winter forage diet Salgado-Flores A [201].