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Table 2 Benchmarking results for MetaSUB, Jiang, and Zymobiomics on mock microbial community and subway air samples

From: Performance evaluation of a new custom, multi-component DNA isolation method optimized for use in shotgun metagenomic sequencing-based aerosol microbiome research

 MeasureWithin-sample differencesEst95% CITdfP
A)Mock microbial community
 Total DNA yield (ng)MetaSUB – Jiang−3[−28.5, 22.5]−0.3730.73
MetaSUB – Zymobiomics−7[−46.5, 32.5]−0.4550.67
 16S rRNA gene copy yield (copies)MetaSUB – Jiang17,107[− 634, 34,848]3.0730.055
MetaSUB – Zymobiomics−11,452[− 83,155, 60,251]−0.4150.70
B)Subway air samples
 Total DNA yield (ng)MetaSUB – Jiang1.07[0.77, 1.37]8.019< 0.001
MetaSUB – Zymobiomics1.35[0.86, 1.85]5.9413< 0.001
 16S rRNA gene copy yield (copies)MetaSUB – Jiang5046[3882, 6211]9.809< 0.001
MetaSUB – Zymobiomics3451[1741, 5162]4.3613< 0.001
  1. One-sample t-test on within-sample differences (H0: difference in within-sample measurements = 0) for different method pairs with mock microbial community (A) and subway air samples (B). Measures from Jiang/Zymobiomics were subtracted from the MetaSUB measures: the estimate (est) gives the departure from zero of the resultant values (larger than zero values indicate that MetaSUB had a higher yield than Jiang/Zymobiomics)