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Table 1 Overview of the three DNA isolation methods evaluated in this work

From: Performance evaluation of a new custom, multi-component DNA isolation method optimized for use in shotgun metagenomic sequencing-based aerosol microbiome research

Common processing steps (used to generate equal aerosol biomass aliquots for paired difference comparison)
 Filter extraction (filter-to-liquid)NucliSENS lysis buffer
 Lysis (enzymatic)MetaPolyzyme multi-enzyme cocktail
Method-specific processing steps (used for paired difference comparison on equal aerosol biomass aliquots)
 Lysis (mechanical)ZR BashingBead Tubes with PowerSoil Bead Solution and Solution C1. Bead beating for 3 minPowerSoil Bead Tubes with PowerSoil Bead Solution and Solution C1 incubated at 65 °C for 15 min. Bead vortexing for 15 minZR BashingBead Tubes with Zymobiomics lysis solution. Bead beating for 3 min
 Inhibitor removal and sample clean-upPowerSoil Solution C2 and C3PowerSoil Solution C2 and C3Zymo-Spin IV and Zymo-Spin IV-μHRC Columns
 DNA purificationNucliSENS magnetic beadsAMPure XP magnetic beadsZymo-Spin IC-Z Column