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Fig. 3

From: The draft genome sequence of “Nitrospira lenta” strain BS10, a nitrite oxidizing bacterium isolated from activated sludge

Fig. 3

Circular representation of the “N. lenta” genome. From inside out the circles display: (1) G + C content (red < 50%, green > 50%), (2) CDS on reverse strand, (3) CDS on forward strand, (4) contig organization. The tick marks correspond to 20 kbp. CDS colors indicate COG classification (blue, cellular processes and signaling; green, information storage and processing; red, metabolism, grey; poorly characterized). Contigs are ordered by size, and their arrangement in the figure may not reflect the positions of the respective regions on the chromosome. The graphical circular map of “N. lenta” chromosome was generated using the CIRCOS software [33]

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