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Fig. 4

From: Complete genome of Rhizobium leguminosarum Norway, an ineffective Lotus micro-symbiont

Fig. 4

Genome comparison between Rl Norway and Rlv 3841. a Neighbor-joining tree of Rep proteins from both strains. Protein sequences for RepA, RepB, and RepC from the individual plasmids were aligned and the resulting alignments concatenated for analysis. Rl Norway proteins are depicted in red, Rlv3841 proteins in blue. Bootstrap values indicated on the nodes strongly support the relations between pRLN2 - pRL11, pRLN5 - pRL10, and pRLN1 - pRL12. Only bootstrap values > 70% are depicted. Branch lengths are given in terms of expected numbers of substitutions per nucleotide site. b For whole genome comparison the sequences of the chromosome and plasmids were concatenated for Rl Norway and Rlv 3841 and compared with BlastN in Easyfig 2.2.2 [62]. Levels of sequence identity are indicated by different shades of grey. c Gene contents comparison between the two strains. Depicted are the Rl Norway replicons and their respective homologous regions from the Rlv 3841 replicons. Plasmid maps were generated using BRIG [63]. Colors in the rings are the same as for the Rlv 3841 replicons in (b)

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