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Table 6 Identified oxidative stress response related genes in PAMC21323

From: Complete genome sequence of Planococcus sp. PAMC21323 isolated from Antarctica and its metabolic potential to detoxify pollutants

Gene Product Locus_tag
Kat Iron catalase Plano_0228; Plano_0269
bifunctional catalase peroxidase Plano_2972
Sod Mn/Fe superoxide dismutase Plano_1316
Cu/Zn superoxide dismutase Plano_2589
Prx Thiol-peroxidase Plano_1084
PrxQ (BCP) Plano_0810
Prx-like protein Plano_1452; Plano_1670; Plano_1816; Plano_2134
Alkyl hydroperoxide reductase C Plano_2964
Alkyl hydroperoxide reductase F Plano_2965
TrxA Thioredoxin Plano_0462; Plano_0753; Plano_0826; Plano_0924; Plano_0931; Plano_1054; Plano_1156; Plano_1389; Plano_1669
TrxB Thioredoxin reductase Plano_0301; Plano_0900; Plano_1802
Gpx Glutathione peroxidase Plano_2887
GR Glutathione reductase Plano_2022
Grx Glutaredoxin Plano_1634