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Table 2 Project information of the whole genome sequence of P. maritimus Y42

From: The complete genomic sequence of a novel cold-adapted bacterium, Planococcus maritimus Y42, isolated from crude oil-contaminated soil

MIGS ID Property Term
MIGS-31 Finishing quality Finished
MIGS-28 Libraries used Paired-end and PacBio
MIGS-29 Sequencing platforms Illumina Hiseq 2000 and PacBio
MIGS-31.2 Fold coverage PacBio: 300×
MIGS-30 Assemblers SPAdes v. 3.5.0,
MIGS-32 Gene calling method Glimmer 3.02
Locus Tag B0X71
GenBank ID CP019640.1-CP019643.1
GenBank Date of Release April 14, 2017
GOLD ID Gp0209326
MIGS-13 Source Material Identifier Y42
Project relevance Biodegrading