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Table 3 Library information

From: Functional and taxonomic classification of a greenhouse water drain metagenome

Label Drain-A Drain-B
Sample Label(s) Drain-A Drain-B
Sample prep method ZR Soil Microbe DNA (Zymo) ZR Soil Microbe DNA (Zymo)
Library prep method(s) Nextera XT Nextera XT
Sequencing platform(s) Illumina NextSeq 500 Illumina NextSeq 500
Sequencing chemistry V2 SBS Kit V2 SBS Kit
Sequence size (GBp) 10.4GBp 0.60GBp
Number of reads 6,976,736 401,466
Single-read or paired-end sequencing? Paired-end Paired-end
Sequencing library insert size 500 bp 2000 bp
Average read length 150 bp 150 bp