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Fig. 2

From: Draft genome sequences of Cylindrospermopsis raciborskii strains CS-508 and MVCC14, isolated from freshwater bloom events in Australia and Uruguay

Fig. 2

Maximum likelihood (ML) phylogenetic tree indicating the phylogenetic relationship of C. raciborskii strains. The ML tree is based on 16S rRNA gene sequences from C. raciborskii strains CS-508 and MVCC14 and sequences retrieved from previous reports stored in the NCBI database. These sequences were aligned using MUSCLE [43] and the phylogenetic tree was constructed with the phyML using GTR substitution model and BEST option for searching the starting tree [44]. Bootstrap support values ≥50% are indicated from 1000 bootstrap replicates. In supplemental material a complete phylogenetic tree is reported (Additional file 1: Figure S1)

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