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Table 5 Enzymes and gene-loci participating in selected pathways identified in the draft genome of M. rhizophilum CL-YJ9T. Gene-loci are from the IMG/MER database

From: Draft genome sequence of Marinobacterium rhizophilum CL-YJ9T (DSM 18822T), isolated from the rhizosphere of the coastal tidal-flat plant Suaeda japonica

Pathways Enzymes Gene-loci
Glycine betaine biosynthesis Choline dehydrogenase F451DRAFT_01661 F451DRAFT_03441 F451DRAFT_04658
Betaine aldehyde dehydrogenase F451DRAFT_00114
Ectoine and 5-hydroxyectoine biosynthesis Aspartate kinase F451DRAFT_00077 F451DRAFT_02577
Aspartate semialdehyde dehydrogenase F451DRAFT_01139 F451DRAFT_01140
Diaminobutyrate aminotransferase apoenzyme F451DRAFT_00080
Diaminobutyrate acetyltransferase F451DRAFT_00081
Ectoine synthase F451DRAFT_00079
Ectoine hydroxylase F451DRAFT_00078
Molybdopterin biosynthesis Cyclic pyranopterin monophosphate synthase F451DRAFT_03412 F451DRAFT_01249
Molybdopterin synthase F451DRAFT_04784 F451DRAFT_03411 F451DRAFT_01222