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Table 6 List of the unique COGs in Ensifer meliloti Mlalz-1

From: High-quality draft genome sequence of Ensifer meliloti Mlalz-1, a microsymbiont of Medicago laciniata (L.) miller collected in Lanzarote, Canary Islands, Spain

COG Name Locus Tag Gene symbol Protein function
0393 Uncharacterized conserved protein YbjQ, UPF0145 family A3CADRAFT_01446   Unknown
4970 Tfp pilus assembly protein FimT A3CADRAFT_01560 gspH T2SS
1459 Type II secretory pathway, component PulF A3CADRAFT_01561 gspF T2SS
2804 Type II secretory pathway ATPase GspE/PulE or T4P pilus assembly pathway ATPase PilB A3CADRAFT_01562 gspE T2SS
3156 Type II secretory pathway, component PulK A3CADRAFT_01563 gspK T2SS
3166 Tfp pilus assembly protein PilN A3CADRAFT_01566 gspL T2SS
2165 Type II secretory pathway, pseudopilin PulG A3CADRAFT_01567 gspG T2SS
1450 Type II secretory pathway component GspD/PulD (secretin) A3CADRAFT_01569 gspD T2SS
2189 Adenine specific DNA methylase Mod A3CADRAFT_02454 yhdJ DNA methyltransferase
4705 Uncharacterized membrane-anchored protein A3CADRAFT_05679   Membrane protein
4089 Uncharacterized membrane protein A3CADRAFT_05685   Membrane protein
2021 Homoserine acetyltransferase A3CADRAFT_06155   Homoserine acetyltransferase