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Table 5 Unique Cluster Orthologous Groups present in the genome of C. costaii A37T2T

From: Draft genome sequence of the cellulolytic endophyte Chitinophaga costaii A37T2T

Catergory Code Catergory COG ID
C Energy production and conversion COG0280, COG0374, COG0680, COG1740
E Amino acid transport and metabolism COG1027, COG1586, COG2355, COG3104
F Nucleotide transport and metabolism COG0027
G Carbohydrate transport and metabolism COG0021, COG0058, COG0588, COG0662, COG0837, COG1080, COG1803, COG1925, COG2079, COG2893, COG3444, COG3716, COG3934
H Coenzyme transport and metabolism COG0561, COG1056, COG2091, COG2227, COG2329
I Lipid transport and metabolism COG0671, COG0821, COG2246
J Translation, ribosomal structure and biogenesis COG0060, COG0255, COG0257, COG0267, COG0268, COG0333, COG4680
K Transcription COG1476, COG4933
L Replication, recombination and repair COG0863, COG1722
M Cell wall/membrane/envelope biogenesis COG1083, COG1922, COG2089, COG2829, COG2982, COG3511, COG3637
O Posttranslational modification, protein turnover, chaperones COG0068, COG0298, COG0309, COG0409
P Inorganic ion transport and metabolism COG0428, COG1218, COG1230, COG1416, COG4772
Q Secondary metabolites biosynthesis, transport and catabolism COG2130, COG2162, COG3733, COG4242
R General function prediction only COG0312, COG0375, COG0429, COG0457, COG1062, COG1373, COG2320, COG3153, COG3488, COG4674, COG0561, COG2130, COG4242
S Function unknown COG0393, COG1286, COG2442, COG2962, COG3219, COG3247, COG3310, COG3361, COG3461, COG3477, COG3487, COG3489, COG3528, COG3548, COG3918, COG3943, COG4487, COG4700, COG4859, COG4924
T Signal transduction mechanisms COG0517, COG2184, COG2203, COG3292, COG1925
U Intracellular trafficking, secretion, and vesicular transport COG1272, COG1826, COG3451
V Defense mechanisms COG0286, COG0610, COG0732, COG3512, COG3513, COG4823, COG5499
X Mobilome: prophages, transposons COG3385, COG3436, COG3600, COG3654