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Table 1 Classification and general features of Aspergillus niger strain ATCC 10864

From: High-quality draft genome sequence of a biofilm forming lignocellulolytic Aspergillus niger strain ATCC 10864

MIGS ID Property Term Evidence codea
  Current classification Domain Fungi TAS [37]
Phylum Ascomycota TAS [37]
Class Eurotiomycetes TAS [37]
Order Eurotiales TAS [37]
Family Trichocomaceae TAS [37]
Genus Aspergillus (section Nigri) TAS [37]
Species Aspergillus niger TAS [37]
Strain ATCC 10864
Gram stain N/A
Cell shape Septate and hyaline hyphae TAS [38]
Motility Non-motile NAS
Sporulation Carbon black ornamented spores from biseriate phialides TAS [39]
Temperature range 6 °C–47 °C TAS [10]
Optimum temperature 25-35 °C TAS [11]
pH range 1.4–9.8 TAS [10]
Carbon source Organic carbon source TAS [40]
MIGS-6 Habitat In soil, litter, compost and on decaying plant material TAS [10]
MIGS-6.3 Salinity 0-5% TAS [41]
MIGS-22 Oxygen Aerobic TAS [10]
MIGS-15 Biotic relationship Plant and animal TAS [42]
MIGS-14 Pathogenicity Mild/Opportunistic TAS [10]
MIGS-4 Geographic location Budapest, Hungary TAS [9]
MIGS-5 Sample collection time Unknown
MIGS-4.1 Latitude Unknown
MIGS-4.2 Longitude Unknown
MIGS-4.3 Depth Unknown
MIGS-4.4 Altitude Unknown
  1. aEvidence codes - TAS traceable author statement (i.e., a direct report exists in the literature), NAS non-traceable author statement