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Table 8 Bacteriorhodopsin and halorhodopsin in the genomes of genus Natrinema

From: High quality draft genome sequence of an extremely halophilic archaeon Natrinema altunense strain AJ2T

Species Strain Bacteriorhodopsin Halorhodopsin
Size/aa Accession No. Size/aa Accession No.
N. pellirubrum DSM 15624T 223 WP_006180343 281 WP_006179856
N. pallidum DSM 3751T 223 WP_006186147 282 WP_006185564
N. altunense a AJ2T 223 AFB77278 285 KY435894
N. gari JCM 14663T 223 WP_008455435 282 WP_008453746
Natrinema sp. J7-2 223 YP_006542121 278 YP_006540994
  1. aThis data line represents the closest output obtained using BLASTp program against the nr database. These two genes are on contig 1 (position:629096–629767, forward strand) and contig 3 (position:389528–390385, forward strand) of the genome of strain AJ2T, respectively