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Table 1 MIxS-HCR package items. More detailed description of the field names is provided in the Additional file 1 [see MIxS HCR detailed table]

From: MIxS-HCR: a MIxS extension defining a minimal information standard for sequence data from environments pertaining to hydrocarbon resources

MIxS-HCR package
HCR general properties
 Hydrocarbon resource type
 Hydrocarbon type produced
 Basin name
 Field name
 Reservoir name
 Hydrocarbon resource original temperature
 Depth (TVDSS) of hydrocarbon resource temperature
 Hydrocarbon resource original pressure
 Depth (TVDSS) of hydrocarbon resource pressure
 Depositional environment
 Hydrocarbon resource geologic age
 Oil water contact depth
 Formation water salinity
 Sulfate in formation water
 Vfa in formation water
 Source rock kerogen type
 Source rock lithology
 Source rock depositional environment
 Source rock geologic age
HCR production properties
 Production start date
 Production rate
 Water production rate
 Water cut
 Injection water fraction
 Secondary and tertiary recovery methods and start date
 Injection water breakthrough date of specific well
 Biocide administration
 Biocide administration method
 Chemical treatment
 Chemical treatment method
 Corrosion rate at sample location
HCR sampling properties
 Sample well name
 Well identification number
 Sample type
 Sample subtype
 Sample collection point
 Sample true vertical depth subsea
 Sample measured depth
 Oxygenation status of sample
 Preservative added to sample
 Sample transport conditions
 Sample storage temperature
 Sample storage duration
 Sample storage location
 Sample vol., weight, or area swabbed for DNA extraction
 Organism count
 Organism count qPCR information
HCR water chemistry
 Sample salinity
 Total sulfur
 Total nitrogen
 Dissolved iron
 Total iron
 Dissolved organic carbon
 Dissolved inorganic carbon
 Dissolved inorganic phosphorus
 Total phosphorus
 Suspended solids
 Dissolved carbon dioxide
 Dissolved oxygen
 Volatile fatty acids
HCR hydrocarbon chemistry
 API gravity
 Total Acid Number
 Pour point
 Saturates wt%
 Aromatics wt%
 Resins wt%
 Asphaltenes wt%
Other properties
 Miscellaneous parameter
 Additional info