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Table 1 Classification and general features of D. alkaliphilus AHT2T

From: Complete genome sequence of Desulfurivibrio alkaliphilus strain AHT2T, a haloalkaliphilic sulfidogen from Egyptian hypersaline alkaline lakes

MIGS ID Property Term Evidence code
  Classification Domain: Bacteria TAS [39]
Phylum: Proteobacteria TAS [40, 41]
Class: Deltaproteobacteria TAS [42, 43]
Order: Desulfobacterales TAS [43, 44]
Family: Desulfobulbaceae TAS [43, 45]
Genus: Desulfurivibrio TAS [3, 46]
Species: Desulfurivibrio alkaliphilus TAS [3, 46]
Type strain: AHT2T TAS [3]
  Gram stain negative  
Cell shape rod-shaped
Motility non-motile
Sporulation nonsporulating
Temperature range mesophile
Optimum temperature 35
  pH range; Optimum 8.5–10.3; 9.5 TAS [3]
Carbon source acetate, HCO3 TAS [3]
GS-6 Habitat hypersaline alkaline lake sediments  
MIGS-6.3 Salinity moderately salt-tolerant
MIGS-22 Oxygen requirement anaerobe
MIGS-15 Biotic relationship free living
MIGS-14 Pathogenicity none
MIGS-4 Geographic location Wadi al Natrun, Libyan Desert (Egypt)
MIGS-5 Sample collection September 2000
MIGS-4.1 Latitude – Longitude 30° 24′ N
MIGS-4.2   30° 18′ E  
MIGS-4.3 Depth 0–10 cm TAS [3]
MIGS-4.4 Altitude −20 m