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Table 2 Classification and general features of P. parafulva DSM 17004T [36]

From: High quality draft genome sequences of Pseudomonas fulva DSM 17717T, Pseudomonas parafulva DSM 17004T and Pseudomonas cremoricolorata DSM 17059T type strains

MIGS ID Property Term Evidence code
  Classification Domain Bacteria TAS [37]
Phylum Proteobacteria TAS [38]
Class Gammaproteobacteria TAS [39]
Order Pseudomonadales TAS [40]
Family Pseudomonadaceae TAS [41]
Genus Pseudomonas TAS [42]
Species Pseudomonas parafulva TAS [2]
(Type) strain: DSM 17004T  
Gram stain negative TAS [2]
Cell shape rod-shaped TAS [2]
Motility motile TAS [2]
Sporulation non- sporulating TAS [2]
Temperature range 4–37 °C TAS [2]
Optimum temperature 30 °C TAS [2]
pH range; Optimum - TAS [2]
Carbon source monosaccharides, organic acids, alcohols, amino acids, amines TAS [2]
MIGS-6 Habitat rice paddies TAS [2]
MIGS-6.3 Salinity - NAS
MIGS-22 Oxygen requirement aerobic TAS [2]
MIGS-15 Biotic relationship free-living TAS [2]
MIGS-14 Pathogenicity non-pathogen TAS [2]
MIGS-4 Geographic location Japan TAS [2]
MIGS-5 Sample collection - NAS
MIGS-4.1 Latitude - NAS
MIGS-4.2 Longitude - NAS
MIGS-4.4 Altitude - NAS