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Table 1 Classification and general features of F. suncheonense GH29-5T in accordance with the MIGS recommendations [59], as developed by [60], List of Prokaryotic names with Standing in Nomenclature [61] and the Names for Life database [62]

From: High-quality draft genome sequence of Flavobacterium suncheonense GH29-5T (DSM 17707T) isolated from greenhouse soil in South Korea, and emended description of Flavobacterium suncheonense GH29-5T

MIGS ID Property Term Evidence code
  Current classification Domain: Bacteria TAS [12]
  Phylum: Bacteroidetes TAS [63, 64]
  Class: ‘Flavobacteriia’ TAS [65, 66]
  Order: Flavobacteriales TAS [9, 67]
  Family: Flavobacteriaceae TAS [8, 9]
  Genus: Flavobacterium TAS [6, 68]
  Species: Flavobacterium suncheonense TAS [10]
  Type strain: GH29-5T TAS [10]
  Gram-stain Negative TAS [10]
  Cell shape rod-shaped TAS [10]
  Motility Nonmotile TAS [10]
  Sporulation non-spore forming NAS
  Temperature range mesophilic (15–37 °C) TAS [10]
  Optimum temperature 16–24 °C TAS [10]
  pH range; Optimum 6–8, TAS [10]
  Carbon source Carbohydrates, peptides TAS [10]
  Energy source chemoheterotroph TAS [10]
MIGS-6 Habitat greenhouse soil TAS [10]
MIGS- Salinity 0–1 % NaCl, 0 % NaCl TAS [10]
MIGS-22 Oxygen requirement aerobe TAS [10]
MIGS-15 Biotic relationship free-living TAS [10]
MIGS-14 Pathogenicity unknown TAS [69]
  Biosafety level 1 TAS [69]
MIGS-4 Geographic location Suncheon City, South Korea TAS [10]
MIGS-5 Sample collection 2005 TAS [10]
MIGS- Latitude 34.954 TAS [10]
MIGS-4.2 Longitude 127.483 TAS [10]
MIGS-4.4 Altitude not reported TAS [10]
  1. Evidence codes are from the Gene Ontology project [18]
  2. Evidence codes - IDA inferred from direct assay (first time in publication); TAS traceable author statement (i.e., a direct report exists in the literature); NAS non-traceable author statement (i.e., not directly observed for the living, isolated sample, but based on a generally accepted property for the species, or anecdotal evidence)