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Table 9 NCBI blastp results for prophage 1 region of ‘Halanaeroarchaeum sulfurireducens’ M27-SA2

From: Complete genome sequence of ‘Halanaeroarchaeum sulfurireducens’ M27-SA2, a sulfur-reducing and acetate-oxidizing haloarchaeon from the deep-sea hypersaline anoxic lake Medee

locus_tag Length (bp) NCBI blastp best hit e-value gb accession
HLASA_0843 1239 integrase [Halorhabdus utahensis] 6.00e-176 WP_015789480.1
HLASA_0844 213 hypothetical protein [Halomicrobium katesii] 5.00e-05 WP_018258875.1
HLASA_0845 417 DNA-binding protein [Halostagnicola larsenii XH-48] 1.00e-79 AHG02386.1
HLASA_0846 231 hypothetical protein [Salinarchaeum sp. Harcht-Bsk1] 5.00e-37 WP_020446487.1
HLASA_0847 267 hypothetical protein [uncultured archaeon A07HR60] 6.00e-07 WP_023506388.1
HLASA_0848 489 hypothetical protein [Halarchaeum acidiphilum] 4.00e-94 WP_020221057.1
HLASA_0849 552 hypothetical protein [Halarchaeum acidiphilum] 9.00e-119 WP_044957257.1
HLASA_0850 141 MULTISPECIES: hypothetical protein [Haloarcula] 2.00e-21 WP_004594507.1
HLASA_0851 189 hypothetical protein [Haloquadratum walsbyi] 4.00e-33 WP_021056874.1
HLASA_0852 381 hypothetical protein [Halorubrum sp. T3] 2.00e-82 WP_026046123.1
HLASA_0853 423 hypothetical protein [Halorubrum saccharovorum] 3.00e-44 WP_004048594.1
HLASA_0854 954 hypothetical protein [Halomicrobium mukohataei] 6.00e-27 WP_015761810.1
HLASA_0855 798 hypothetical protein HRPV-1_gp7 [Halorubrum pleomorphic virus 1] 2.00e-26 YP_002791892.1
HLASA_0856 474 unknown [Haloarcula hispanica pleomorphic virus 1] 6.00e-19 YP_003411999.1
HLASA_0857 1581 MULTISPECIES: hypothetical protein [Haloferax] 8.00e-52 WP_008576942.1
HLASA_0858 399 gp3 [Haloarcula hispanica pleomorphic virus 2] 6.00e-47 YP_009008689.1
HLASA_0859 351 hypothetical protein [Haloarcula argentinensis] 5.00e-38 WP_005538312.1
HLASA_0860 813 CRISPR-associated protein Cas6 [Halorhabdus tiamatea] 7.00e-151 WP_008524857.1
HLASA_0861 2112 CRISPR-associated protein Csh1 [Halorhabdus tiamatea] 0 WP_008524855.1
HLASA_0862 1068 CRISPR-associated protein, Csh2 family [Natronorubrum sulfidifaciens] 0 WP_008164963.1
HLASA_0863 801 CRISPR-associated protein Cas5 [Halorhabdus tiamatea] 2.00e-124 WP_008524852.1
HLASA_0864 2589 CRISPR-associated helicase, Cas3 [Halorhabdus tiamatea] 0 WP_020936219.1
HLASA_0865 555 CRISPR-associated protein Cas4 [Halorhabdus utahensis] 4.00e-99 WP_015789200.1
HLASA_0866 993 CRISPR-associated protein Cas1 [Halorhabdus utahensis] 0 WP_015789199.1
HLASA_0867 264 CRISPR-associated endonuclease Cas2 [Halorhabdus utahensis] 1.00e-37 WP_015789198.1
repeat_region 3798 CRISPR repeat region   
HLASA_0868 1338 replication-related protein [Natrinema versiforme] 5.00e-145 WP_006432249.1
HLASA_0869 411 PREDICTED: multidrug and toxin extrusion protein 1 [Cavia porcellus] 0.1 XP_003465357.1