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Table 3 Summary of ACN001 genome: one chromosome and six plasmids

From: Complete genome sequence and characterization of avian pathogenic Escherichia coli field isolate ACN001

Label Size (Mb) Topology INSDC identifier
Chromosome 4.9 Circular GenBank CP007442
Plasmid pACN001-A 0.06 Circular GenBank KC853434
Plasmid pACN001-B 0.17 Circular GenBank KC853435
Plasmid pACN001-C 0.006 Circular GenBank KC853436
Plasmid pACN001-D 0.007 Circular GenBank KC853437
Plasmid pACN001-E 0.007 Circular GenBank KC853438
Plasmid pACN001-F 0.09 Circular GenBank KC853439
  1. INSDC International Nucleotide Sequence Database Collaboration