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Table 1 Classification and general features of phages P12002L and P12002S according to the MIGS recommendations [39]

From: Complete genome sequences of bacteriophages P12002L and P12002S, two lytic phages that infect a marine Polaribacter strain

MIGS ID Property Term Evidence codea
  Classification Domain: unassigned (ds DNA viruses)  
   Phylum: unassigned  
   Class: unassigned  
   Order Caudovirales TAS [13]
   Family Siphoviridae TAS [13]
   Genus: unassigned  
   Species: unassigned  
   Strains: P12002L, P12002S  
  Particle shape Isometric capsid with a long non-contractile tail IDA
MIGS-6 Habitat Marine water column IDA
MIGS-15 Biotic relationship Intracellular parasite of Polaribacter strain IMCC12002 IDA
MIGS-14 Pathogenicity Non-pathogenic NAS
MIGS-4 Geographic location The Yellow Sea, Incheon, South Korea IDA
MIGS-5 Sample collection March 16, 2010 IDA
MIGS-4.1 Latitude 37° 29′ 51′′ N IDA
MIGS-4.2 Longitude 126° 38′ 26′′ E IDA
MIGS-4.3 Depth 0.3 m IDA
MIGS-4.4 Altitude - -
  1. aEvidence codes - IDA Inferred from Direct Assay, TAS Traceable Author Statement, NAS Non-traceable Author Statement. These evidence codes are from the Gene Ontology project [40]