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Table 2 Project information

From: Complete genome sequence of the chromate-reducing bacterium Thermoanaerobacter thermohydrosulfuricus strain BSB-33

MIGS ID Property Term
MIGS-31 Finishing quality Improved high-quality draft
MIGS-28 Libraries used Illumina Standard (short paired-end)/Illumina CLIP (long paired-end) library
MIGS-29 Sequencing platform Illumina
MIGS-31.2 Fold coverage 3082X
MIGS-30 Assemblers Allpaths r41554/Velvet 1.1.05/Parallel phrap 1.1.05
MIGS-32 Gene calling method Prodigal 1.4, GenePRIMP
  Locus Tag B044
  Genbank ID KB910517.1
Gene bank date of release April 16, 2013
GOLD ID Gi14051
  BioProject PRJNA169716
MIGS-13 Source material identifier DSM 251035
  Project relevance Chromium bioremediation