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Table 1 M2B3 Reporting Standard about an investigation effort

From: Marine microbial biodiversity, bioinformatics and biotechnology (M2B3) data reporting and service standards

  Descriptor name Description of usage Control vocabulary/format/unit Example
  INVESTIGATION_ Campaign Refers to a sampling activity that is either determined in time, repeated in time or continuous, e.g. a cruise, a mesocosm experiment, a time series, or live data streams Free text Micro B3-OSD2014
INVESTIGATION _Site Refers to the unique identifier and name of the site/station where the sampling activity is performed. Format: <Site ID from OSD Site Registry >, <Site name from OSD Site Registry> OSD5, Poseidon-E1-M3A Time Series Station
INVESTIGATION _Platform Refers to the specific unique stage from which the sampling device was deployed; includes the platform category and platform name. Format: <Platform category from SDN:L06>,<Platform name> research vessel, FILIA
INVESTIGATION _Authors List of people who will appear in the citation of data publications. Please order the list according to authorship. The first author is the contact person. Format: <LASTNAME>, <FirstName>, <Institution>, <email> JONES, Peter, Institute1,; SMITH, Mary, Institute2,
INVESTIGATION _Project Refers to the project that organised/funded the data/sample collection. Free text Micro B3
INVESTIGATION _Objective Describes the scientific context/interest of the sampling activity. This information is useful to generate a short abstract as part of the data set citation. Free text; A short abstract
100-500 words
  1. Mandatory information is in bold and other fields are recommended OSD Sites Registry is a controlled register for OSD sampling Sites ( SDN:L06::XX is a controlled terms list describing “CATEGORIES” of platforms (