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Figure 6

From: Complete genome sequence of DSM 30083T, the type strain (U5/41T) of Escherichia coli, and a proposal for delineating subspecies in microbial taxonomy

Figure 6

Whole-genome phylogeny inferred using the latest GBDP version [25] and rooted with Escherichia albertii. Other outgroup organisms, separated by long branches, were removed to ease visualization (E. hermannii, Shimwellia blattae, and E. fergusonii) but are shown in Additional file 1. Numbers above branches are greedy-with-trimming pseudo-bootstrap [73] support values from 100 replicates if larger than 50%. Leaves are colored according to their affiliation to phylotypes. The outer circles show the affiliation of the strains to potential subspecies, pathovars and serovars (if the information was retrievable). Labels with numbers in square brackets are duplicates (due to label shortening) and refer to the following full strains/GenBank accessions: [1] CS6:LT+:ST+, [2] TW07815, [3] AM946981, [4] CP001509, [5] CP001665, [6] AFST00000000, [7] AFRH00000000, [8] K-12, MG1655 U00096, and [9] CM000960. An asterisk (*) indicates the K-12 wild type. ITOL [74] was used to visualize the tree inferred using FastME [75].

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