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Table 2 Project information

From: Draft genome sequence of Mesotoga strain PhosAC3, a mesophilic member of the bacterial order Thermotogales, isolated from a digestor treating phosphogypsum in Tunisia

MIGS ID Property Term
MIGS 31 Finishing quality High-quality draft
MIGS 28 Libraries used 454 paired-end 8- kb non-cloned libraries
MIGS 29 Sequencing platform 454 GS FLX Titanium
MIGS 31.2 Fold coverage 49×
MIGS 30 Assemblers Celera
MIGS 32 Gene calling method AmiGene 2.0 and IMG/ER
  Locus Tag PHOSAC3
  Genbank ID CARH01000001 to CARH01000099
  Genbank date of release April 10, 2013
  GOLD ID Gp0041593
  Project relevance Evolution (thermophily/mesophily), Bioremediation
MIGS 13 Source material identifier DSM 24444