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Announcing Environmental Microbiome

Environmental Microbiome: a new Open Access journal devoted to environmental and applied microbiology

Editor-in-Chief: Joy Watts, University of Portsmouth


Microorganisms can be found across all environments on Earth; adapting to external changes, being central to Earth’s systems and cycles, and - through applied microbiology - providing solutions to our everyday needs. Environmental Microbiome acknowledges this universal presence and importance and is seeking submissions addressing the varied facets of environmental and applied microbiological research. These studies can cover aspects of air, soil and aquatic microbial ecology, microbiome analyses, bioremediation, geomicrobiology, microbial interaction with plants and crops, extreme environment microbiology and astrobiology. 


The journal’s ultimate goal will be to provide the microbiology community with an open access mid-level impact journal for quality research and reviews encompassing all aspects of environmental microbiology—from air, to soil, to water, and beyond. The journal will be committed to a positive author experience with rapid turnaround time for submissions, thorough and timely peer review, aided by Editors working across Microbiome and Environmental Microbiome. Publications in Environmental Microbiome will have an applied context that will shape future innovation and research by connecting genomic and microbiome analyses to their roles in the environment and human lives.

  • As a sister journal to Microbiome with a shared team of editors, authors will be assured a positive experience and reap the benefits of experienced editors, including an average time to first decision of 30 days and thorough peer review.
  • This will be the only fully Open Access journal dedicated to all aspects of environmental and applied microbiology.
  • The journal’s focus on applications of environmental microbiomes and their impact on human lives and the environment will provide this research community with a new, open forum for driving innovation and developing solutions for real-world challenges.
  • A dedicated development editor will ensure publications receive promotional support and higher visibility. 
  • Authors will be empowered to share data in order to connect and collaborate with other researchers through the support of our Research Data Service.

 Article types:

Article types to be considered are: 

Research article

Case report


Letter to the Editor

Meeting Report



Short Reports

Software article