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Table 5. General genomic location and features of the chromosomal and one extrachromosomal replicon from R. mesophilum strain DSM 19309T.

From: Genome sequence of the pink to light reddish-pigmented Rubellimicrobium mesophilum type strain (DSM 19309T), a representative of the Roseobacter group isolated from soil, and emended description of the species

Replicon Scaffold Replicase Length (bp) GC (%) Topology No. Genes#
Chromosome1 15 DnaA 102,082 71 linear* 105
Plasmid 9 RepB 119,205 68 linear* 141
  1. *circularity not experimentally validated
  2. #deduced from automatic annotation
  3. 1partial sequence including the replicase dnaA (rumeso_02152).