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Table 4. Nucleotide content and gene count levels of the Chromosome

From: Non-contiguous finished genome sequence and description of Corynebacterium jeddahense sp. nov.

Attribute Value % of totala
Genome size (bp) 2,472,125  
DNA G+C content (bp) 1,661,268 67.2
DNA coding region (bp) 2,235,018 87.17
Extrachromosomal elements 0  
Total genes 2,412 100
RNA genes 53 2.2
Protein-coding genes 2,359 97.8
Genes with function prediction 1,462 60.61
Genes assigned to COGs 1,636 67.82
Genes with peptide signals 187 7.75
Genes with transmembrane helices 629 26.1
  1. a The total is based on either the size of the genome in base pairs or the total number of protein coding genes in the annotated genome