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Table 2. Schedule Days 2–5 of the COMBINE 2013 meeting.

From: Meeting report from the fourth meeting of the Computational Modeling in Biology Network (COMBINE)

Tue Sep 17 Wed Sep 18 Thu Sep 19 Fri Sep 20
Update on SBML, CellML, NeuroML and PharmML (chair: Nicolas Le Novère) Data representation and use (chair: Frank T. Bergmann) Model sharing (1): Metadata (chairs: Nick Juty and Dagmar Waltemath) SBGN: overview and update (chair: Falk Schreiber)
SBML Level 3 Version 2 (chair: Mike Hucka) SED-ML future: L2 / L1V3, parameter estimation (chair: David Nickerson) Model sharing (2): Repositories (chairs: Nick Juty and Dagmar Waltemath) Visual Markup (SBGN-ML, SBML Layout etc.) (chair: Tobias Czauderna)
Using distributions in model descriptions (chair: Lucian Smith) SBML Flux Balance Constraints (chair:Brett Olivier) SBML Spatial (chair: Ion Moraru) COMBINE archive (chair: Nicolas Rodriguez) PALS meeting (chairs: Olga Krebs, Carole Goble) SBML Arrays & Hierarchical Model Composition Packages (chair:Lucian Smith) SBGN: development of L2 (chair: Huaiyu Mi) PALS meeting
SBML Qualitative Modeling package (chair: Claudine Chaouiya) modeling physiology (chair: Padraig Gleeson) Community building and links with other efforts (chair: Martin Golebiewski) SBML Multi package (chair: Fengkai Zhang) BioPAX TC PALS meeting SBML Dynamics Package (chair:Chris Myers) SBGN: development of L2 (chair: Falk Schreiber) PALS meeting