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Table 2. Differential characteristics of Bacteroides neonati sp. nov., strain MS4T, B. graminisolvens strain DSM 19988T, and B. intestinalis strain DSM 17397T.

From: Non-contiguous finished genome sequence and description of Bacteroides neonati sp. nov., a new species of anaerobic bacterium

Properties B. neonati B. graminisolvens B. intestinalis
Cell wide (εm) 0.3–0.8 0.4–0.6 n.a.
Cell long (εm) 1.4–2.9 1.2–4.5 1–3
Oxygen requirement Anaerobic Anaerobic Anaerobic
Gram stain Negative Negative Negative
Optimal growth temperature 37°C 35°C 37°C
Habitat Human Methanogenic reactor Human
Enzyme production    
Indole +
Alkaline Phosphatase + +
Catalase + n.a.
Gelatinase +
Utilization of    
Glucose + +
Mannose + +
Lactose + +
Raffinose + +