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Table 3. Nucleotide content and gene count levels of the genome

From: Non-contiguous finished genome sequence of Anoxybacillus flavithermus subsp. yunnanensis type strain (E13T), a strictly thermophilic and organic solvent-tolerant bacterium

Attribute Value % of totala
Genome size (bp) 2,838,393 100
DNA G+C content (bp) 1,176,230 41.44
DNA Coding region (bp) 2,555,544 90.03
Total genes 3,120 100
RNA genes 85 2.72
Protein-coding genes 3,035 97.28
Genes with protein function prediction 2,267 72.66
Genes assigns to KEGG pathways 1,936 62.05
Genes assigned to KEGG Orthology 1,012 32.43
Genes assigned to COGs 1,886 60.44
Genes with signal peptides 99 3.17
Genes with transmembrane helices 716 22.94
  1. aThe total is based on either the size of the genome in base pairs or the total number of protein coding genes in the annotated genome