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Table 6. Integrated Microbial Genome (IMG) locus tags of P. inhibens DSM 16374T genes for the initiation of replication, toxin/antitoxin modules and two representatives of type IV secretion systems (T4SS) that are required for conjugation.

From: Genome sequence of Phaeobacter inhibens type strain (T5T), a secondary metabolite producing representative of the marine Roseobacter clade, and emendation of the species description of Phaeobacter inhibens

Replicon Replication Initiation Plasmid Stability Type IV Secretion Replicon Replication Initiation Plasmid Stability
  Replicase Locus Tag Toxin Antitoxin VirB4 VirD4
cInhi_A3361 DnaA Inhi_2434 - - - -
cInhi_B309 - - - - - -
pInhi_A227 DnaA-like I Inhi_3576 Inhi _3735 Inhi _3734 - -
pInhi_B88 RepC-8 Inhi_3797 Inhi_3865 Inhi_3866 Inhi_3845 -
pInhi_C78 RepB-I Inhi_3883 - - - -
pInhi_D69 RepA-I Inhi 3972 - - - -