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Table 3. Genome Statistics

From: Genome sequence of Phaeobacter inhibens type strain (T5T), a secondary metabolite producing representative of the marine Roseobacter clade, and emendation of the species description of Phaeobacter inhibens

Attribute Value % of total
Genome size (bp) 4.130.897 100.00%
DNA coding region (bp) 3.683.922 89.18%
DNA G+C content (bp) 2.479.086 60.02%
Number of scaffolds 6*  
Extrachromosomal elements 4  
Total genes 3.986 100.00%
RNA genes 63 1.58%
rRNA genes 5* 0.13%
rRNA operons 1*  
Protein-coding genes 3.923 98.42%
Pseudo genes 39 0.98%
Genes with function prediction 3.228 80.98%
Genes in paralog clusters 1.234 30.96%
Genes assigned to COGs 3.178 79.73%
Genes assigned Pfam domains 3.395 85.17%
Genes with signal peptides 306 7.68%
Genes with transmembrane helices 841 21.10%
CRISPR repeats 0  
  1. * An updated version of the genome assembly (unpublished data) reveals the presence of four rRNA operons. In this version, two of the rRNA operons are incomplete, with the 16S rRNA gene and the 5S rRNA gene hidden in the two remaining sequencing gaps. The genomes of P. inhibens strain DSM 24588 (2.10) and P. inhibens strain DSM 17395 (see Figure 3) also contain four rRNA operons.