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Figure 1.

From: Complete genome sequence of Enterobacter sp. IIT-BT 08: A potential microbial strain for high rate hydrogen production

Figure 1.

Phylogenetic tree high-lighting the position of “Enterobacter sp. IIT-BT 08 (•)” relative to other type and non-type strains within the Enterobacteriaceae. Strains shown are those within the Enterobacteriaceae having corresponding NCBI genome project ids. The tree was constructed using Mega4 software. The tree based on Jukes-Cantor distance was constructed using neighbor-joining algorithm with 1,000 bootstrapping. Acetobacterium woodii strain DSM 1030 (♦) and Desulfocaldus sp. (■) was considered as the out group. The scale bar represents 0.1 substitutions per nucleotide position. Numbers at the nodes are the bootstrap values.

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