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Figure 1.

From: Non-contiguous finished genome sequence and description of Oceanobacillus massiliensis sp. nov.

Figure 1.

Phylogenetic tree highlighting the position of Oceanobacillus massiliensis strain N’DiopT relative to other type strains within the Oceanobacillus, Ornithinibacillus, and Virgibacillus genera. GenBank accession numbers are indicated in parentheses. Sequences were aligned using CLUSTALX, and phylogenetic inferences obtained using the neighbor joining method within the MEGA 5 software [18]. Numbers at the nodes are percentages of bootstrap values obtained by repeating the analysis 1,000 times to generate a majority consensus tree. Halobacillus litoralis was used as outgroup. The scale bar represents 0.005 nucleotide change per nucleotide position.

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