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Table 2. Differential characteristics of Anaerococcus pacaensis sp. nov., strain 9403502T, A. octavius strain NCTC 9810T, and A. tetradius strain DSM 2951T.

From: Non-contiguous finished genome sequence and description of Anaerococcus pacaensis sp. nov., a new species of anaerobic bacterium

Properties A. pacaensis A. octavius A. tetradius
Cell diameter (µm) 0.9–1.4 0.7–0.9 0.5–1.8
Oxygen requirement Anaerobic Anaerobic Anaerobic
Gram stain Positive Positive Positive
Optimal growth temperature 37°C na na
Habitat Human Human Human
Enzyme production    
Alkaline Phosphatase +
Urease +
Catalase +
Gelatinase + na na
Activity of    
Phosphatase Acid phosphatase na na
Saccharolytic enzyme Hyaluronidase α-glucosidase
Proteolytic enzyme Proline arylamidase Arginine arylamidase
   Pyroglutamyl arylamidase Histidine arylamidase
Utilization of    
Glucose + +
Mannose + +
Raffinose +