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Table 5. Reductive dehalogenase paralogs encoded in the genome of D. restrictus strain PER-K23

From: Complete genome sequence of Dehalobacter restrictus PER-K23T

Locus tag a Ortholog in Dehalobacter sp. strain E1 b Comment
Dehre_0785 No  
Dehre_0793 No  
Dehre_0806 No  
Dehre_0808 No N-terminally truncated
Dehre_0815 No N-terminally truncated
Dehre_0820 No  
Dehre_0826 No  
Dehre_0830 No  
Dehre_0832 (98.7; Dhb965)  
Dehre_0835 (98.7; Dhb968)  
Dehre_0990 (100; Dhb84)  
Dehre_1408 (99.6; Dhb1133)  
Dehre_2012 (96.6; Dhb1238) C-terminally truncatedc
Dehre_2022 No  
Dehre_2026 No  
Dehre_2031 No  
Dehre_2037 No  
Dehre_2039 No  
Dehre_2044 No  
Dehre_2052 No  
Dehre_2058 No C-terminally truncated
Dehre_2064 No  
Dehre_2065 No  
Dehre_2398 (90.4; Dhb490) PceA d
Dehre_2792 Noe Partial sequence
  1. a RdhA paralogs are listed in order of their position in the genome. Light grey indicates RdhA paralogs belonging to rdh cluster A (Dehre_785-835) and dark grey rdh cluster B (Dehre_2012-2065).
  2. b Orthology defined as more than 90% pairwise identity at the amino acid level, as suggested in [40]. Identity percentage based on full length RDHs and locus tag of the corresponding genes in Dehalobacter sp. strain E1 are given in brackets [3]. Identity percentages were calculated using MatGat [41].
  3. c For the comparison, a manually curated version of Dehre_2012 was used, i.e. the entire gene without the annotated frame-shift mutation.
  4. d Dehre_2398 corresponds to the biochemically characterized PCE reductive dehalogenase (PceA) [42].
  5. e The sequence is conserved between the two strains, but no gene is annotated at this position in D. sp. Strain E1.