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Table 2. Differential characteristics of B. massiliensis sp. nov strain ph1T, B. agri strain NRRL NRS-1219, B. laterosporus strain JCM 2496 and B. brevis NBRC 15304T.

From: Non-contiguous finished genome sequence and description of Brevibacillus massiliensis sp. nov.

Properties B. massiliensis B. agri B. laterosporus B. brevis
Cell diameter (µm) 0.74 0.75 na 0.50
Oxygen requirement aerobic aerobic aerobic, facultative anaerobic aerobic
Gram stain + + var +
Salt requirement na na na
Motility + + + +
Endospore formation na + + +
Production of     
Alkaline phosphatase + na na
Acid phosphatase + na na
Catalase + + + +
Oxidase + na +
Nitrate reductase na +
Urease na
α-galactosidase na na
β-galactosidase na na
β-glucuronidase na na
α-glucosidase na na
N-acetyl-β-glucosamidase na na
Esterase w na na +
Esterase lipase w na na +
Naphthyl-AS-BI-phosphohydrolase + na na +
Arginine arylamidase na na na
Arginine dihydrolase na na
Glutamyl glutamic acid arylamidase na na na
Phenylalanine arylamidase na na na
Leucine arylamidase w na na
Cystine arylamidase + na na
Valine arylamidase w na na
Glycine arylamidase na na na
Histidine arylamidase na na na
Serine arylamidase na na na
Utilization of     
D-mannose na na
Habitat human gut environment environment environment