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Fig. 5.

From: Genome sequence of the thermophilic fresh-water bacterium Spirochaeta caldaria type strain (H1T), reclassification of Spirochaeta caldaria, Spirochaeta stenostrepta and Spirochaeta zuelzerae in the genus Treponema as Treponema caldaria comb. nov., Treponema stenostrepta comb. nov., and Treponema zuelzerae comb. nov., and emendation of the genus Treponema

Fig. 5.

Scatter plots showing the relationship between the number of flagella and the proportion of genes in the COG category N (“Cell motility”). The left picture is based on the uncorrected data, whereas the right graph plots the phylogeny-independent contrast calculated from the numbers used in the left graph. The lines represent the corresponding linear models. For the magnitudes and significances of the correlations, see the main text.

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